FFXV Digital Premium Edition Pre-Orders Available with Unique Rewards for Xbox and PS4

Digital premium edition sales launch today for Square Enix's latest anticipated title, complete with several pre-order incentives.

The latest installment to Square Enix's high-profile series Final Fantasy XV starts pre-order sales today for a Digital Premium Edition, which includes the game, season pass and numerous pre-order bonuses.

For early fans who had already pre-ordered ahead of this date, there is also a digital season pass upgrade available, entitling them to the same rewards.

Special rewards for pre-ordering the Digital Premium or Season pass upgrade, on either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 include a Masamune weapon,'16-bit Buddies' and 'Platinum Leviathan' recolors, an Angler Set item, and Camera Kit item.

However, there some unique additional rewards, depending on your chosen platform: Xbox One users will receive a male and female Noctis Avatar outfit with Carbuncle pet prop, whilst PS4 users get a premium theme (not yet titled) and an FFXV digital mini soundtrack.

The Final Fantasy XV digital premium edition is available to pre-order now on the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store respectively for $84.99 USD. Alternatively, if you have already purchased the Final Fantasy Pre-order Bonus Pack, you can upgrade by searching 'Season Pass Upgrade' and pre-ordering that.

These pre-order bundles are available in preparation for Final Fantasy XV's launch on September 30th, 2016.


Published Aug. 10th 2016

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