What Guardians Need in Destiny 2

With Destiny 2 revealed and coming out later this year, there are many things Guardians wanted to see in vanilla Destiny. Hopefully they make into the sequel.

With the reveal of a full-fledged sequel slated to come out September 8th of this year, Destiny is a game that is adored by many players. With the release of vanilla Destiny back in 2014, there are many features and gameplay elements that Guardians have been asking for and hoping to see in DLC such as expanded story, larger vault and etc. Below are some of the features that should make it into Destiny 2.


Although it is a know fact that vanilla Destiny didn't have the greatest story, although over time the storytelling has gotten much better. With Bungie listening to the community, they have pushed out DLC's with great story such as The Taken King. The trailer for Destiny 2 looks to be a very promising in the story department but what we really need is not just the promise of a fully cinematic story (as mentioned by Bungie during the reveal) but to actually deliver a large and expansive story that shadows all 3 years of Destiny 1's story. Hopefully this larger story can explain the war between the Traveler and The Darkness, who The Speaker really is, and where The Stranger came from.

Vault Space

Yes, this has been the topic of discussion for all of Destiny 1's run but it should still be on this list. In Destiny 2 they should implement a new vault mechanic such as accessing it from your ship in orbit or having access to it from your menu as well has access when you get to a social area. Another thing that should be added is being able to organizing it however you want. Some guardians would like to organize their vaults based on element, or gun class, or by quality, i.e. exotic or legendary.

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Vault space is an obvious addition in the new game. It should be expanded to be 10 per item category at least. with the space we currently have in Destiny 1 as of the Age of Triumph update, there is not enough room for all of the loot we are now able to get. Yeah you can just simply delete the old version of your Fatebringer for the new one, but us day 1 veterans want to keep the old one for the nostalgia factor. Like come on, who will delete their first ever Fatebringer after running VOG for weeks on end to get that drop? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Missions with Characters

The heading sounds vague but let me explain. We are introduced to amazing and colorful characters such as the Hilarious and badass Cayde-6, Ikora Rey and more. It would be game changing and just plain fun if we can have missions where these characters can fight alongside your Guardian. In the trailer, we see Cayde and Zavala getting all the remaining guardians hyped to fight in the war against the Cabal Red Guard.

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Having Ikora use her Stormcaller abilities while we give her cover fire or having Cayde show off his marksmanship with his trusty Ace of Spades hand cannon while we reload our weapons would be totally badass! Sign me up!

These are just a few of the things we'd love to see and there are many other features and mechanics that we as a community would love to see added in Destiny 2, all we can do now is wait and see until the gameplay reveal stream on May 18th.

Until then Guardians, stay tuned to GameSkinny for your Destiny news!


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Published Apr. 10th 2017

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