OVERKILL listens to the fans of Payday 2 and gives them what they want

OVERKILL studios adds drill cards to the game so players no longer need to pay for drills.

Well fans of Payday, we did it! On the sixth day of Crimefest, OVERKILL studios announced that players can now earn drills from end-of-level card drops. Players no longer need to pay $2.50 for each drill if they don’t want to.

Along with the drill card drop, OVERKILL also announced that First World Bank, a job from the first Payday, is now playable in Payday 2 under the "classics" tab. This can only mean that some, if not all, of the levels from Payday will soon be playable in Payday 2, which is great. The interesting thing about the levels from the first game coming to the second game is how all the new player mechanics will play into the levels.

OVERKILL listened to its players and made changes according to what we wanted. That’s a great practice any developer (and business, really) should always follow. Your fans/customers are the most important part of any company, and you always need to listen to their feedback.

OVERKILL did the right thing in this situation and it’s a great compromise for all the players that were mad about the addition of microtransactions to the game. Hopefully, all the controversy surrounding Payday 2 will calm down now that drills are more accessible to everyone. 

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Published Oct. 22nd 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    To be fair, not ALL feedback should be taken seriously haha. Obviously Overkill did the right thing here to remedy the situation, but there's some pretty awful feedback out there and devs should choose wisely.

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