Elite Call of the Dragonborn: NASCAR's Most Wanted Assassin, Report to the Battlefield

Best Game Ever Not Released...!

Game Skinny Banter #1All the qualities of my favorite gamesSingle-player/Co-op CampaignMy ultimate game would have a great single-player campaign. You would be role-playing as some special person, similar to the Dragonborn in Skyrim, where you would be a great modern soldier, an elite like Ghost from Modern Warfare or Staff Sergeant Henry Blackburn of Battlefield 3. You would also be able to drive cars better than Jimmy Johnson himself, and, you'd would have to get away from the police chase cars quite often, seeing how much of a great assassin you are, thanks to the genes past down to you from your ancestors. You're name is Henry "Quick Step" Kenway. var adunit_index = 4000; if ((adunit_index != 1000 & adunit_index != 1001) || (adunit_index == 1000 && device_category != 'MOBILE') || (adunit_index == 1001 && device_category == 'MOBILE')) { if (active_ad_units[adunit_index] != undefined) { console.log('Dyn Unit Legacy', active_ad_units[adunit_index], adunit_index); googletag.cmd.push(function () { var adunit_index = 4000; if (typeof(pubwise) != 'undefined' & pubwise.enabled === true) { console.log('Dyn PW');

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Esports fan, I live in an igloo and in my opinion, Faker is overrated. #rekt

Published Feb. 23rd 2014

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