First Summoner's Con Fosters League of Legends Passion

The first ever Summoner's con this past weekend came with tear jerking stories of passion, dedication, and love of League of Legends.

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Summoner's Con is the first ever one day grassroots convention focused solely on the well-known game League of Legends from Riot Games. The convention got its name from the terminology Riot Games uses for anyone who plays their game, summoners.

Hosted by popular League of Legends YouTube sensation Spazie, the all day con was filled with a panels, meetups, artist ally,  challenger sessions, exhibitor booths, summoner matches,  and more. From the time doors open until they closed, festivities abounded with all aspects of hobbies revolving League of Legends.

The beauty about Summoner's Con was that it is truly for gamers and by gamers. Planning began in 2013 when Cat Valdes and Kevin Khandjian co-founded Summoner's Con when they decided they wanted to set out and build something that would bring everyone connected to the game together. Pros, coaches, fans, rioters, artists, and summoners traveled from all over the country to not only share their love for League but have fun. In an introduction panel for the convention, Cat vocalized how important it was to nurture the love of League.

Meeting incredibly talented League artists from all over was a true gift. Artwork from live drawings, shirts, digital art, knitted hats, plushies, and figurines were available for purchase. Each artists with the fiery passion and zeist for League of Legends showcased their work as fans pour to take photos and get signage. Later in the day, a panel featuring the artists discussed the trials and successes of a League artists. Men and women whom put aside their trials and tribulations to pursue their passions and dreams.

Previous and current voice actors from League of Legends made an appearance at the convention. Hosted by Aj Mazur,  the panel discussed the trials, tribulations, successes and reason why League of Legends transformed their careers.  Popular YouTube personalities gathered for critical discussion on their success and struggle with being a League of Legends YouTube Content Creator. Top pro LCS team's managers and analyst conducted a round-table talk and Q&A about the financial, personal, and professional aspects of managing a professional League of Legends team. Summoner's Con would be nothing without its dedicated and creative cosplayers. 

The phenomenon that is League of Legends is a revolutionary concept creating a holistic dynamic community brought together for the love of a game. Check out video coverage of the con below!


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Published Nov. 6th 2014

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