Top 10 Most Badass Video Game Characters of All time

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The world of games is saturated with varied characters. There are brave, cute, intelligent, strong characters, and then there are badasses -- characters who stand out, whether due to their physical or mental attributes, their manner of speech, or their unique appearance. Regardless, they usually don't require the assistance of others to succeed and can conquer hardships all by themselves, should the need arise. This list features 10 of the most suitable characters in the category, and it was assembled based on the following criteria:

  • Only one character per franchise
  • The character must be playable at any point in the particular series or be part of a playable party

Each entry will contain the name of the character, the game they first appeared in and its release year, as well as a brief description. Click through to view the characters in alphabetical, not necessarily numerical, order.

Disclaimer: The writer's opinions herein are his own and might not coincide with those of the other 7+ billion people living on Earth.

Published Apr. 9th 2018

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