The AbleGamers Foundation Opens Lab For One On One Consultation

The AbleGamers Foundation has opened the AbleGamers Lab, where disabled gamers can come in for one-on-one consultation to help them find out exactly what they need to game.

The AbleGamers Foundation is a charity that seeks to help disabled people improve their quality of life using video games.  While many disabled individuals obviously only need special permission to have gaming equipment in places like hospitals, AbleGamers does not limit itself to such cases.

They opened the AbleGamers Arcade in D.C. towards the end of 2012, showcasing technologies and advances to help disabled individuals experience the digital gaming fun most of us take for granted.

Now the AbleGamers Foundation has just opened the AbleGamers Lab.  This lab allows disabled gamers to come in and receive a personal consultation.  They talk with AbleGamer staff about their own unique difficulties involved with video games and receive advice and recommendations on what could allow these gamers to enjoy digital entertainment.

Even better?  These appointments for individual consultation are free.  Let me repeat that.

Consultation at the AbleGamers Lab is free.

It does require an appointment, but the ability to at least find out what is needed for free is a welcome surprise for us Americans, at least.

Published Sep. 11th 2013

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