10 Easy DIY Star Wars Halloween costumes

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With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start getting those costumes ready!

2015 is a big year for Star Wars fans, with the new Battlefront game coming out in November, and then the new movie coming out in December! So what better time to dress up as your favorite characters than this Halloween? There's just one problem...

Most Star Wars costumes take a lot of time and are really involved, but lucky for you I've gathered ten of the easiest Star Wars costumes to make, and what you'll need to succeed against the odds!

Because, you know... Never tell me the odds.

Imperial Officer

Making Storm Trooper armor can be pretty difficult, but who wants to be a Storm Trooper when you can be an Imperial Officer!

The Imperial Officer uniform is instantly recognizable, and even Vader takes orders from Grand Moff Tarkin. 


Han Solo

If you want to shoot first this Halloween, this is the outfit you'll be looking for.

What's easy about this is the shirt, jacket, and pants might be pieces you'll already find in your closet. You might have to improvise the holster, or check out how to make your own here!



Return of the Jedi Jabba's Palace Luke Skywalker

Luke comes to terms with his darker side and it shows in his new outfit in Episode 6. Lucky for us, it's a pretty simple black garb.

Way easier than those Jedi Robes that practically require you to be a Jedi to sew them.


Lando Calrissian

Who doesn't love Lando? One of my favorite Star Wars characters, he also happens to have a pretty basic outfit! Black pants, a blue v neck, pretty easy stuff.

The trickiest part of the costume is the cape. Getting the Blue top and gold under bottom might require you to pick up a needle and thread.



Ewok Dog

This one might be the easiest, that is if you have a small dog that can pull it off! All you'll need are some scissors, brown fabric, and some twine.

Easy stuff.

Just make sure you have a C3-P0 around to calm your new restless Ewok.


BB8 and R2-D2

Are these the droids you're looking for? Don't worry, these aren't as complicated as they might look! Most of what you see is paper mache and paint.

For BB8 they wrapped paper mache around a yoga ball to get the shape, and for R2-D2 they used a Costco toilet paper box.



A New Hope Luke Skywalker

It's a good thing Luke likes to keep it simple, or anyone who wanted to cosplay as a Jedi would have to really go all out. Off-white baggy shirt, beige pants, add a belt and shoes and you're practically done!


Endor outfit Leia

With all the slave Leia's running around, it's nice to stand out with an autumn-reasonable outfit. Pants, boots, a camouflaged poncho, and you're all set to battle the Empire on Endor.

If you want to take some extra steps to really show off, check out the details here.



Kid Yoda

This one might be a bit more involved than the others, but it still keeps it simple and I just couldn't leave Yoda out. You'll need a few things but it boils down to a hat, a robe, and a belt.

Adorable, this costume is.


Bonus Costumes: Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru

Okay, I cheated and you might have to go to the store to buy a skeleton costume. Why skeletons? Well..


Published Oct. 23rd 2015


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