Big Splatoon update coming next week

Nintendo announces planned Splatoon update for Tuesday October 20th. Changes to weapon stats, map features, and matchmaker settings abound.

Nintendo has announced an update for Splatoon, its popular ink-shooter that has already surpassed more than 600,000 copies sold this year. In a post on the Splatoon website, Nintendo announced Update 2.2.0, slated to arrive next Tuesday, October 20th.

The post shows a number of changes coming to weapons and the matchmaking system. Some bug fixes and map alterations to prevent unintended player shortcuts will round out the update, the game's fifth since it debuted this May.

Highlights from the detailed update notes include:

  • Changes to splash damage and one-hit splats for the Carbon Roller, Splat Roller, and Dynamo Roller
  • Max blast wave damage decreases to the Luna Blaster, Blaster, and Range Blaster.
  • Lowered resistance and higher recharge time for Splash Wall
  • For Ranked Matches, S+ ranked players will be matched with other S+ ranked players more frequently, and with S ranked players less frequently.
  • Stage layout changes to Flounder Heights, shortcuts removed and fewer areas for players to place Suction Bombs.

For those who love the nitty-gritty of damage numbers and percentages, you can find the full notes here.

For more on Splatoon, check out GameSkinny contributor Matt Poprocki's official review of the playful ink-splattering shooter, as well as Synzer's comprehensive beginner's guide.

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Published Aug. 25th 2017

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