Fallout 76 Inventory Update Streamlines Wasteland Gathering

Fallout 76's Inventory Update makes it easier to keep your horde sorted and find good loot up for grabs.

Managing item hordes just got a lot easier in Fallout 76 thanks to the game's new Inventory Update. The free update is available now, increasing stash size, adding new item tabs, and more.

The Inventory Update increases stash size by 50%, meaning players can store up to 1,200 pounds of whatever they want in their inventory. Stacked items now show their total weight when selected.

It also modifies the Pip-Boy UI, streamlining how players can sort their wasteland finds with three new tabs. The "New" tab is pretty self-explanatory and sorts items based on when players found them.

A new "Armor" tab gives equipment a space of its own and keeps it apart from other wearable items, while "Food/Drinks" adds a new section for consumables that aren't strictly medicine. Medicine items, such as Serums, are still found under the "Aid" tab.

Fallout 76's Inventory Update even has some fresh changes in store for Vending Machines as well. The new update adds a map preview showing how many 1, 2, and 3-star legendary items and regular items players have in their vending machines, instead of making players visit C.A.M.P.s to see the same thing. It also removes empty categories from the preview. 

In other FO76 news, the Spread the Love Valentine's Day event is now live until February 16, adding in new skins and challenges. 


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Published Jan. 27th 2021

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