Shigeru Miyamoto is Confident in Illumination's Super Mario Movie 2022

The celebrated creator recently explained when and why he trusted Illumination with the famous IP.

The idea of a Super Mario movie by Illumination Studios (Despicable Me, Hop) doesn't inspire joyous glee in everyone, and for some very good reasons. However, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto says he trusts Illumination Studios with the internationally renowned plumber.

The information comes from an interview with Japanese publication Famitsu, with translation courtesy of Nintendo Everything.

Miyamoto told Famitsu he met with Illumination's Chris Meledandri after Nintendo signed on with Universal. Meledandri was eager to prove Illumination could do the brand justice and "brought things with him that I had mentioned in interviews in the past to say that our ways of thinking and doing things are one in the same."

That was fine, but the big moment for Miyamoto came when Meledandri talked about past mistakes and failures.

I didn’t know what kind of angle he was getting at, but I’ll never forget when he talked to me about why he had failed before. That’s when I thought, “I think I can trust this guy.”

That was right around the time I was considering movies, so we decided to have him do the animation for us when he said, “What do you say? Let’s make something together.”

It took a really long time for things to come together, but we finally found our way.

This isn't something you get over easily.

Of course, Miyamoto didn't say what failures Meledandri referred to, but it was obviously enough to convince the celebrated creative mind to move forward with the venture.

The rest of us, however, still have scars from the 1993 Super Mario Bros.' horrific handling of the property, and might take a bit more convincing. Hopefully, we'll have healed some by 2022 when the movie releases, but we have doubts.

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Published Mar. 10th 2020

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