Xanadu Next Coming to PC on November 3rd

A classic Japanese Action RPG comes West for the first time since its release in 2005!

XSEED Games have announced that their localisation work for Xanadu Next is complete and the game is being prepped for release on PC.

Originally released in 2005 by Nihon Falcom, Xanadu Next is one of several games in the long-running Dragon Slayer series of JRPGs, which spawned the successful Legend of Heroes spinoff franchise. While Legend of Heroes games have been released in English alongside Nihon Falcom’s Ys series, the Dragon Slayer/Xanadu titles have yet to see such treatment until now.

Xanadu Next is an exploration-centric action RPG that boasts a large interconnected world with lots of secrets to discover, plenty of abilities to gain, and lots of rich backstory to dig up. If you’re a fan of the Ys games, you’ll be right at home here.

The game will be available on November 3rd and will be available on Steam, GOG.com, and the Humble Store for 19.99 USD. More about the game can be found on the official website, or you can visit the Steam page for a summary.


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Published Oct. 23rd 2016

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