Dragon's Prophet E3 Update- New Storage Slots, Raids, and More On Their Way!

Massively was able to sit down with Todd Carson, Senior Producer at SOE for Dragon's Prophet and uncovered some of the updates to come.

Dragons are everywhere in the newest title from RuneWaker and Sony Online Entertainment, and I mean everywhere. The name of the game is dragon collection, training, and riding with the ability to have your dragon fight with you, collect for you, and show off your large amounts of #SuperMetal badassery. 

Through my expeditions across the starting area of Bakra, a vast volcanic island with multiple biomes ranging from desert to dense jungle. I have fought many of enemies but not without the help of my dragon kin pets and unfortunately, this is a message you will see a lot when playing Dragon's Prophet.

Dragon's Prophet gives starting players two areas to store their dragons. First they have their Dragon Stable, this area is reserved for dragons "in use". Dragons within your Stable are with you all the time and allow you to summon them into battle, ride them, and, if they come with dragon abilities, the chance to take their power into your own hands.

As you can see, my stable currently has three slots for dragon storage but once those slots are filled up, I simply cannot capture more. I did do an early unlock of a new slot for 90 Station Cash, or about 90 cents USD. The game does also automatically grant you a new slot at level 30, but I found it much easier to have the third slot to use as a "catch and release" area for my dragon capturing addiction. 

 Once you fill up your stable you can choose to put dragons into the Dragon Lair in major towns. Once inside the Dragon Lair, Dragon's can be trained to learn new skills, collect materials for you, and be put on leveling adventures. The Dragon Lair is also locked with two slots to begin with and can be expanded but once the two are filled up, you are going to be stuck with the difficult choice of releasing your dragons to gain more.

Luckily for us dragon collectors, Senior Producer Todd Carson with Sony Online Entertainment was able to share some fantastic news at E3 with Massively.com. With mention of the late-level zone addition of Wintertide comes fantastic news regarding a new area to store your dragons. This new area will offer overflow options (think of it as your own Pokebank). Afterall, no one likes releasing their prized collections.

Todd Carson was also able to discuss a few details on the Citadel PVP system. The system is currently set for release AFTER the 50+ player Raids are introduced, but will include the ability for land owners to set up defenses and hire NPCs to help protect the home land. The owners of the land will be able to set taxes and use that money wisely or hide it away for self-serving applications. Details on attack windows and capture mechanics are still a ways off, but it is still exciting to hear some news of the currently absent system. 

One last good note, Massively was able to secure one last quote from Todd Carson. Carson stated, "Once we get [PvP] working and we get our raid content in, then we will be ready for launch." Does this mean that we could be launched by December? If that is so then we might see aerial combat some time thereafter!

I am most positive (Bill and Ted moment there) that we will hear much more information from SOE Live come this August as Sony Online Entertainment sets out to reveal new details for all of their major titles including a world-wide reveal of EverQuest Next, so be sure to keep your eyes locked on GameSkinny for exclusives out of the convention. 


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Published Jun. 19th 2013

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