I Am Setsuna Spritnite Guide

Acquiring new Spritnite is crucial to beating bosses as you progress through this throwback JRPG.

Although based heavily on classic Super NES era role playing games, I Am Setsuna has some modern gameplay elements thrown in, like the slightly confusing Materials and Spritnite systems.

What exactly is Spritnite? Essentially it's like Materia from Final Fantasy 7, in that it lets a character use a specific attack or healing power that drains MP during battle.

Equipping Spritnite

Much like Materia, Spritnite can only be equipped if you have a Talisman that includes the appropriate slots. For instance, the Aqua Heart Talisman provides a Command and Support slot, while the Chaos Orb Bracelet only provides a single Support slot.

While you get some starting Spritnite for your basic powers like Cyclone and Heal at the start of the game, new Spritnite doesn't actually become available until after beating the first two bosses and finally reaching Purikka.

Buying New Spritnite

When you finally arrive in Purikka, its important to unload all your Materials and start buying up new Spritnite.

Picking up Lightning turns Setsuna from dedicated healer only into a viable party member, while Aura transforms Endir from your big dumb tank into a well-rounded character that can help out when necessary

Additionally, some Spritnite can only be used by certain characters, while others are open to everyone.

Wondering if you can use it or not at this point in time? Open up the Obtain Spritnite screen at the Magic Consortium and check the right-hand side of the screen. It will tell you which character or characters are eligible so you don't waste Materials buying extras you don't need.

Acquiring Spritnite

Spritnite typically comes in Command or Support varieties. Command offers new Techs that must actually be activated in combat as though it were an attack, like using the area effect Cyclone or hitting a single target with Lightning.

Using The "Demi" Spritnite

Support instead offers passive effects that typically don't drain MP, such as boosting your resistance to an element. Some still must be activated though, such as using Tech of the same element multiple times in a row or triggering Momentum as an attack lands.

Both types aren't purchased with gold, but instead require you sell Materials to the Magic Consortium. Materials are acquired after battle by beating the same types of enemies in different ways.

For instance, beating a Pengy normally causes them to drop a Majestic Crest, but killing them with a Linked attack using Momentum that gets an Exact Kill causes them to drop a Majestic Crest, an Unknown shell, Sturdy Sheet Metal, and a Large Leaf.

Getting a monster to drop four different Materials at once makes the Enlightenment achievement pop.

While you can experiment with different types of kills using elemental and Momentum attacks to get more Materials after each battle, the Monsters tab of the Snow Chronicles menu also lists the different types of kills that will result in new Materials for each creature.

I Am Setsuna Spritnite List

After selling your Materials to the Magic Consortium, these are the different types of Spritnite that are available to purchase:

Spritnite Type MP Cost Materials Required
Cyclone  Command 10 Majestic Crest: 2 
Aura   Command 10  Sleek Barbel: 1 
Wall   Command 22 Large Leaf: 1
Unknown Bone: 1
Shock  Command 14 Sturdy Sheet Metal: 2 
Blade Wave  Command 16 Slicing Wing Feather: 1
Large Pincer: 1
Backslash  Command 20 Sturdy Sheet Metal: 2
Round Stone: 1
Radiance  Command 28 Jagged Right Tail: 2
Patterned Stone: 1
Magen  Command 24 Round Stone: 2
Large Leaf: 1
 Life  Command  22 Iron Ore: 1
Four-Leaf Shamrock: 1 
Cleave   Command  30 Unknown Bone: 1
Large Pincer: 1
Bittery Berry: 1 
Cure   Command 10  Slippery Hide: 1 
Cure II   Command  20  Squirming Tentacle: 1
Awakening Grass: 1 
 Lightning  Command  12  Sharp Talon: 1 
 Incite  Command 10  Sturdy Sheet Metal: 1
White Snow Lily Flower: 1 
Enthunder   Command  12  Sleek Barbel: 1 
Sanctity   Command  16  Pink Glowing Gem: 1
Faintly Glowing Gem: 1 
 Remedy  Command 16  Healing Tail Feather: 2
Warm Ear Fur: 1 
Charge   Command 10  Unknown Shell: 1 
 Cheer  Command  40 Prayer Pebble: 2
Earthenware Shard: 1 
Prayer   Command  20  Rainbow Gem: 2
Prayer Pebble: 2 
 Protect  Command  14  Large Pincer: 1
Sturdy Metal Sheet: 1 
Slow   Command  20  Powdered Bone: 2
Hexagonal Pendant: 2 
Demi   Command 16  Warm Ear Fur: 1 
Enchrono   Command  12 Imp Walnut Root: 2
Unknown Shell: 1 ;
Flawless Blow   Command  18 Imp Walnut Root: 1
Twin Ginko Root: 1 ;
Haste   Command  28  Pale Red Gem: 1
Snow Cherry Root: 1 
Dream Shatterer   Command  22  Moss-Oak Root: 2
Miniature Cherry Root: 2 
 Stop  Command 40  Iron Ore: 1
Sleek Barbel: 1 
Oblivion   Command 32 Broken Pocketwatch: 2
Slippery Hide: 1
Small Cog: 1 
Aerial Strike   Command  12  Sharp Talon: 1
Sturdy Sheet Metal: 1 
Condense   Command 10  Faintly Glowing Gem: 1
Perpetual Frost Lump: 1 
Blunt Blow   Command 16  Pale Pink Gem: 1 
 Wind Slash  Command 14  Hexagonal Pendant: 1
Unknown Shell: 1
Sharp Talon: 1 
Stone Slash   Command  20   Snow Powder: 2
Snow Cherry Branch: 2
 Fire  Command 12  Twin Ginko Branch: 1
Fire II   Command  24  Bitter Berry: 1
Rusty Coin: 1 
 Jump  Command 20  Dodgeflower: 2 
Precise Thrust   Command  16  Rusty Coin: 2 
Ice   Command  12 Pale Blue Gem: 2
Soft Stone: 2 
Icicle Lance   Command  20  Perpetual Frost Lump: 1
Aphyllous Fir Blossom: 1 
Lifeforce Logic   Support Sturdy Sheet Metal: 1
Pengy's Treasure: 1
Thawdrop: 1 
Physical Pride   Support  Iron Snowsand: 1
Smooth Oil: 1
Beehive Claw: 1 
Iron Vow   Support Awakening Grass: 1
Sturdy Sheet Metal: 2 
Large Leaf: 1
High Grade Honey: 1
 Rising Spirit  Support Round Stone: 1
Unknown Shell: 2 
Small Cog: 1
All Seeing Eye   Support Dodgeflower: 1
Bitter Berry: 2
Large Teardrop: 1 
Ultimate Truth   Support Hexagonal Pendant: 1
Curative Wing Feather: 1
Rusty Coin: 1 
Fated Memory   Support Pale Pink Gem: 1
Crimson Gem: 1
Perpetual Frost Lump: 1
Joyflower: 1 
Fire Shield   Support  Slippery Hide: 1
Detonation Oil: 1
Aphyllous Fir Branch: 1
Miniature Cherry Branch: 1 
 Water Shield  Support Blue Gem: 1
Aphyllous Fir Root: 2
Large Shell: 1
White Cedar Flower: 1 
 Light Shield  Support Hexagonal Pendant: 1
Bushy Ear: 2 
Unknown Shell: 1 
Prayer Pebble: 1
Confusion Bit   Support 0 Unknown Shell: 1
Minitiaure Cherry Blossom: 2
Pengy's Treasure: 1
Happiness Wreath: 1 
 Sap Shield  Support 0 Unknown Bone: 1
Old Crested Shield: 1
Silver Sand: 1 
Freeze Shield   Support 0 Bitter Berry: 2
Majestic Crest: 2
Yellow Pine Flower: 1
Twin Ginko Flower: 1 
 Cloak  Support 0 Sharp Talon: 2
Large Pincer: 1
Yellow Pine Branch: 1
Old Crested Shield: 1 
Eternal Recurrence   Support 0 Pale Pink Gem: 1
Bushy Ear: 1
Imp Walnut Flower: 1 
 Paries  Support 0 Pengy's Treasure: 1
Sturdy Sheet Metal: 1
Perpetual Frost Lump: 2 


That's all the Spritnite we've come across to buy from the Magic Consortium so far - be sure to let us know if you've found any others as you journey across I Am Setsuna's snow-shrouded world!

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Published Jul. 22nd 2016
  • vincent_2503
    where can i get the item imp walnut root for spirnite stone shield?
  • Ty Arthur
    Featured Contributor
    You get Imp Walnut Root by landing a Time kill on the Muffy (the cute little rabbit thign with the puff ball ears).

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