Nintendo Treehouse Live Stream to Feature Super Smash Bros 3DS

Twitch and Nintendo team up to bring you a Treehouse Live Stream that you shouldn't miss out on

Nintendo once again climbs the wooden steps to their Treehouse, this time with the help of Twitch.

On September 12th, Nintendo’s Treehouse will be returning, producing an 8 hour Live Stream on Twitch to give fan a glimpse of the Final Version of Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS. The Treehouse stream will also be discussing other games for the Wii U and the 3DS before actually getting to play SSB 3DS.
No word has been heard on just what games will be mentioned or what characters from the roster will be used while playing Smash Bros, but that didn’t stop fans from speculating.

One comment said "I want the last character reveal trailer to have Ridley fly onto the stage but then Snake blows him up and says "Kept you waiting huh?" and then I'll be so happy I'd cry and I'd be able to sleep at night"

While others shot for a fan favorite game to be one of the titles discussed with a simple cry of "majoras mask 3d please"

Nintendo didn’t set a time, which many people pointed out in the comments, including a shot at Nintendo’s PR:

"The time Nintendo! When does it start? Geese! Your PR is very sloppy!"

Regardless of the time it is set to air, I’m sure we’ll be notified with ample time to login and view. Make sure to tune in to to watch the event unfold.


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Published Sep. 9th 2014

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