4 of the Best Otome Games (Dating Sims and Visual Novels for Women) on Steam


This isn't to say that HuniePop is all standard fare and cringe-worthy dialogue. (Well it is, but it's done so well you'll actually probably like it!)

Fully voice-acted, this game gears its dialogue decently whether you've decided to play as a guy or a girl (although its admittedly better if you play through as a guy -- yuri mode was an add-on tier to the original concept). And it's all pretty well-done too, boasting a strong cast of female voice actresses (extra impressive since a large number of them were in answer to an open casting call through Kickstarter). 

With a strangely compelling combination of casual match 3 gameplay and hardcore information management (there is lot to know about each of these girls!), the stereotypical ladyfriend options in HuniePop are grounded by the game's extremely self-aware sense of humor. The dialogue is written and presented in such a slyly tongue-in-cheek way, you can enjoy the gameplay, the girls, and the "plot" while still laughing good-naturedly at yourself and your bumbling character all the way through. 

This is a good-natured, fun, and incredibly westernized parody of the entire genre, and it's surprising how enjoyable it can actually be.

(Plus, who can say no to match 3 games? Even Totalbiscuit learned to like it.)

Published Jul. 24th 2016

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