5 PAX West Demos that Kept Me Coming Back for More


Hi-Rez Studios

From the studio that brought us SMITE comes this objective-based fantasy FPS. Paladins has been in closed beta for a while, and will soon open its arena to the public for lots of run-and-gun fun.

With the same sense of humor that makes SMITE such a blast to play, Paladins totally hooked me on its demo. What separates it from games like Overwatch or other squad-based shooters is its card-based character loadouts. Players build decks to customize their characters however they want -- whether that means focusing on cooldown reduction, buffing certain abilities, or general power-ups for that character.

Between each round of the match, players can further customize their characters with burn cards that offer further buffs and perks for that round. These burn cards reset after each round, so you have even more options for adapting to the enemy team's playstyle.

It's a dynamic mechanic that adds more customization than is standard for shooters of this type. And loads of fun to boot. Even though I hardly ever play FPS games, I see myself sinking a lot of time into Paladins during the open beta. 

Published Sep. 6th 2016

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