5 PAX West Demos that Kept Me Coming Back for More

Death Squared

SMG Studio

You might be doing a double-take and wondering why the heck an indie puzzler game is on this list. But Death Squared is by far some of the most fun I had playing a demo at PAX this year. 

This co-op puzzler, which is vaguely reminiscent of Portal, is designed for a seemingly lost aspect of gaming -- LAN or couch co-op. Death Squared is a multiplayer game with no online multiplayer involved, which sounds like a bad idea. Until you actually play it. The game is designed to get people talking, as conversation is key to successfully completing the puzzles. 

During the PAX demo, I grabbed a few random passers-by to hop into a 4-person game with me. And after the initial awkwardness of playing with total strangers passed, we were having a blast. A few puzzles in, we were laughing together, cracking jokes, and chatting about strategies like any couch-sitting friends would. And that's pretty freakin' cool. 

Death Squared looks to be a great game for friends, families, couples, or anyone who likes a good challenge and pure fun. Of all the games I played at PAX, this is the one I came back to more than once. 

Published Sep. 6th 2016

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