Five New Features to Watch For in World of Warcraft: Legion

Five new features to look for in the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft, Legion.

World of Warcraft's fifth expansion, Legion, will be releasing at the end of August. There are plenty of new features and quality of life changes to look forward to. Here are just five of the new features coming with Legion's release:

1. Choose-Your-Own Leveling Experience

As soon as you finish the starting experience at level 100 in Legion, you will be able to choose a zone to begin leveling in. Usually, zones in new expansions have level requirement ranges that mandate the order that you complete the zones in. In Legion, you can play the zones in whatever order you'd like, and the mobs and quest experience will scale to your level -- even if you are playing with a friend who is higher or lower level than you are. 

2. New PVP Honor, Rewards, and Leveling System

PVP players will have more opportunities to advance and earn cosmetic rewards with the new honor system. Each player will be able to rank up to 50, reset and start over to earn more rewards. In addition, separate talents will be added specifically for PVP. Gear will no longer make as much of a difference in PVP, making it easier for 110s at all gear levels to jump into casual PVP.  

3. Transmog Wardrobe/Account-Wide Acquisition

The transmogrification system is getting an upgrade that will leave your bags much emptier to store other more important things than that gear you've been farming since Cataclysm for your perfect look. There will be a wardrobe similar to the existing Toy Box where you can view all of the gear looks you've discovered on your character, including any quest gear that you've had the option to choose but long since sold or deleted. Each class will be able to discover new looks for their armor type that will be made available account-wide to all other characters that use that armor type. At launch, legendaries will still be excluded from the wardrobe, but unobtainable ones may be added to it in the future. 

4. Artifact Weapons

In Legion, each player in the game will earn an artifact weapon that they will take with them and upgrade throughout the entire expansion. Every spec in the game will have a weapon that is unique to their spec's weapon type, number of weapons, and class fantasy. Throughout the expansion, relics will drop to augment the weapon and help it increase in power, as well as its inherent upgrades via a talent tree on the weapon itself. 

5. Class Order Halls

Part of Legion's story includes that both the Horde and the Alliance are too wrapped up with their own issues that they are unable as a faction to mobilize against the Legion, leaving it up to the individual classes from both factions to band together to fight. Each class will have its own order hall location on Azeroth, where both Horde and Alliance of each class will gather together to upgrade their artifact weapons, choose their quest locations, and send out champions of their class to augment their questing experience with missions, treasure locations, etc. Each player will be able to interact with prominent lore figures from their class, such as Valeera Sanguinar, Lady Liadrin, and Highlord Darion Mograine. 

What are you looking forward to most in Legion? What do you think about the above features? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


Published May. 11th 2016

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