10 Epic Woodland Mansion Seeds for Minecraft 1.11.2

Seed: 3585663767566414981
Coordinates: 856 100 -776
Biome: Plains, Roofed Forest

A lot of Woodland Mansions spawn on water. And while it can be cool to have a big house sticking out into a lake, if you want something more realistic, this Mansion that has just a small corner jutting out into a lazy river is for you.

You'll spawn a ways away in a Savanna by another Roofed Forest. On the way to the Mansion, there will be tons of biomes to explore -- including snowy hills, Desert, Birch forest and Roofed Forest. Even better, this seed includes close Villages and Temples, all listed below:

  • Plains Village: 831 100 -265
  • Extreme Hills Village: 1800 100 -380
  • Desert Temple: 282 100 -325
  • Desert Temple with Two Saddles: 649 100 -325
Published May. 8th 2017

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