10 Epic Woodland Mansion Seeds for Minecraft 1.11.2

Seed: 4388092437280786657
Coordinates: -748 95 -1753
Biome: Plains, Swamp, Roofed Forest, Extreme Hills

Like a castle looming over its feudal town, this Woodland Mansion sits by a small bit of Roofed Forest and a few yards of Plains near a quaint Village. This is another one that'll take you some hiking to find, but the location is worth it.

Uniquely, a waterfall-filled ravine comes right up to the Mansion, and the large Swamp on the other side is somewhat rare on Mansion seeds. You can also find Jungle, Taiga, Desert, and Birch on the trip to the Mansion, as well as some Lava and pretty epic hills not far away.

  • End Portal: 287 -2412
  • Giant Cliff Cave: -323 100 -663
Published May. 8th 2017

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