Arkham series voice actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are reuniting for animated movie

Fans of the Arkham series rejoice, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are reuniting for the latest Batman animated film.

Fans of the Batman: Arkham series can rejoice, because their favorite voice actors are reuniting! Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy will reprise their roles as the Joker and Batman, respectively. Unfortunately for fans of the series, the actors are not coming together for a new game, but a new animated film.

Batman: The Killing Joke is an upcoming animated film from Warner Bros. that is currently without a definite release date. The film will be the based on the comic of the same name and will be rated R. It would have been hard to imagine anybody other than Hamill and Conroy as Batman and Joker. Both have played the two comic book characters so well throughout the Arkham series that anybody else in their roles would have big shoes to fill.

For any Batman and Arkham fans, this probably brings warmth to the bat cave in your heart. The Killing Joke might be a good way to tie ourselves over until we get our hands on Telltale's upcoming Batman game, which still has no set release date. Or maybe Rocksteady (or another dev) will get inspired by the film and make another game.

Batman: The Killing Joke, starring Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, will debut at San Diego Comic Con in July 2016. The movie will reportedly be in stores this Summer.

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Published Mar. 15th 2016
  • Jeffrey Rousseau
    This is also a really great selling point for the film. Plus it'll be awesome for Batman TAS fans too. Oh man I can't to see what they can do with a R rating.
  • Eric Adams
    Featured Contributor
    Yea the R rating was a must for this film. The comic book is so brutal that if it were anything but an R rating, it most likely would not have been able to live up to the hype. This film will showcase the most sadistic Joker of all time.
  • Damien Smith
    This is awesome news. Both voice actors have done a great job in the past and I love Mark Hamill as the joker. It just feels so natural how he portraits the Joker, to the point he IS the Joker.
  • Eric Adams
    Featured Contributor
    Totally agree. Hamill is the guy I think of, even over Ledger, when it comes to the Joker. It just comes so natural for him and he was phenomenal in the Arkham series.

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