Game Boy Inspired Save Me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako San Will Release for Switch and PC

Play as an octopus is this nostalgic platformer.

Cristophe Galati and Nicalis have announced that the upcoming game, Save Me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako San -- which was first announced in 2014 -- will be released for both PC and Nintendo Switch in Q4 2017.

In Save Me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako San, players will take on the role of the titular pacifist octopus character in a universe where humans and octopi are at war with each other. Mr. Tako will travel through 6 worlds and 16 dungeons while saving humans along the way. There are also 50 different hats that will provide Mr. Tako with various useful special abilities, as well as 19 different bosses to defeat. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature is that the game's color palettes are inspired by those of the original Game Boy, with character sprites and music designed to meet the handhelds's original specifications.

Save Me Mr. Tako: Tasukete Tako San will release for PC and Nintendo Switch in late 2017.


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Published Aug. 30th 2017

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