A new Battle Plan for Battleborn unfolds this week

A new set of features comes out for Gearbox Studio's MOBA title Battleborn featuring hot fixes, videos, and more.

A recent tweet from Gearbox Software confirms that a new Battle Plan for their recent MOBA title, Battleborn will be coming up this week. The studio releases these Battle Plans fairly often, and they comprise a list of tweaks, fixes, and new features coming to the game as time goes on. 

This week's Battle Plan features a new video series of "Battleborn Breakdown" videos featuring some of the game's developers, various game streamers, and other community voices. Each video will allow gamers to submit their own gameplay footage and be offered expert analysis in return. The first video was released yesterday by series creator Nicky aka StealthShampoo on Twitch.

This first video features gameplay by SuperBadJuJu, another Twitch Streamer, and commentary by Battleborn's creative director Randy Varnell as well as two other game players. 

Battleborn is also featuring its new set of "Summer Skins" that were released a couple of weeks ago in this Battle Plan. The "Summer Skins" bundle can be purchased in the in-game Marketplace and includes five summer themed skins for Ambra, Marquis, Montana, Rath, Kleese, and Shayna & Aurox. By purchasing the bundle players can save money rather than buy individual skins a la carte according to the blog post detailing the Battle Plan. 

This image shows off a few of the new summer skins in action. They are very bright and colorful, a direct contrast to how the characters usually look in-game with much darker color schemes. 

The next section of the Battle Plan details some much-needed hotfixes coming up for the game. The most important of these is the increase of Character XP being given to players. After the Double XP events occurred, devs took a look at the rate of which Character XP is earned and felt a boost was needed. All hotfix changes will go into effect at 12pm PT (3pm ET) on Thursdays unless otherwise noticed. A list of this week's changes are as follows:

  • Slow debuffs no longer increase attack speed
  • An issue was fixed that prevented Rath's "Keeper of the Blades", Montana's "It's My Only Name, Chief" and Attikus' "Anarchy Rules" achievements/trophies from being awarded.
  • Increased rate at which Character XP is awarded.
  • Toby's "Force Field" is no longer immune to the M7 Sentry's Tower Blast attack. 

This week's Battle Plan concludes with a shout-out to the community, spotlighting a brand new podcast series called The THiRD SHiFT that focuses on all things Gearbox Studios. The creators of the podcast realized that no such series existed for any of Gearbox Studios' games and took it upon themselves to create one. The result is a series that promises to keep on top of Gearbox Studios' game releases, updates, community news, etc. 

So with all of this information in mind... what are your thoughts on this week's Battle Plan? Let me know in the comments!


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Published Aug. 12th 2016

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