WildStar Shows off the Spellslinger Class

WildStar introduces its latest class, Spellslinger.

Carbine Studios recently released a DevSpeak on the Spellslinger Class for their upcoming MMO, WildStar. The Spellslinger class is a unique one that uses portals, dual blasters, and sigils. This allows them to do much more than just damage and teleportation.

Portals allow the Spellslinger to teleport, switch places with enemies, and hide from enemies. I can see this mechanic becoming very useful and fun to use. More information would be needed on how the hiding works, though.

It looks like sigils will be used for Crown Control and other support functions as they can be used to throw enemies and heal teammates. They can also be used to attack enemies with fire, and possibly other elements.

The game does have a very space western feel to it.

Dual blasters are the primary weapons of the Spellslingers. They have high mobility with these and can attack on the move. They are also good at close combat.

Combining the dual blasters, sigils, and teleportation of the this class, makes it very elusive. If you like highly evasive, rogue-like classes, then this may be the class for you.

I really enjoy the look of the game and the classes of WildStar so far. The combinations they put into each class makes them more than just reused models from every other MMO. For more information of this, or anything else on WildStar, visit the official website.

What do you think of the Gunslinger class? Are you excited for WildStar? Let me know in the comments.

Published Nov. 20th 2013

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