Indie Game NeoWars had me Neo-stumped

Can you conqueror all the planets in Neowars?

NeoWars is a 3D real time strategy game. And it's a great game to play to pass the time; it's so easy to get into.


The graphics in NeoWars are pretty crisp. It looks like the planets are made out of crystal balls, and the buttons are hexagons which makes this whole game have a unique feel to it. It feels futuristic but familiar at the same time.


It's always cool when a game's music gets you in the mood to play. In NeoWars the music adds to the futuristic atmosphere. At the menu page, the music is very low and mysterious -- it makes you feel like you're in outer space with explosion dropped in a few times. Once you pick the planet you want to dominate, then the music picks up. As you start planting units to conquer resources the music gets more intense; as it should. It adds to the sense of urgency to quickly overtake your enemies so you can move onto the next planet.


There's no in depth the game's story. Your character starts off wanting to gain resources to take over planets. This character doesn't seem to be a person -- and you're definitely made out of crystals. As you learn how the game is played, an orange crystal character appears and plants units, defining itself as the enemy. Your domination of other planets depends on how you utilize your units.

Resources sit on the planet, and your unit drops down on the planet to beam light or energy into the resource, and grows it for you. When the enemy comes and drops their unit, they try to take over the resource first. So the strategy part comes in figuring out how to overtake resources and take down the enemy units at the same time.

Lefties aren't left out either...

Something I really like about this game is that there is a setting to change the mechanics in case you're left handed. I'm not left handed, but I like when everyone is included. So no matter which hand you use you can still dominate the universe's resources. 


This game is addicting because you want to be the overlord of all the planets. Therefore, when you’re destroyed you take it personally. I could technically be the bad guy because I am conquering resources and taking over planets. There's not any description of what I'm going to do with them -- so I could be tyrannically ruling them if that's what I imagine. I like that Neowars leaves the role of protagonist or antagonist in my hands. 

Neowars is available on Android, iPhone and Steam. 

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Can you conqueror all the planets in Neowars?
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Published Feb. 8th 2018

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