The Best Free PC Games of 2016

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Riddle Transfer 2

Newgrounds Veterans may be familiar with the Riddle School series that ended on a cliffhanger a few years back. This year, developer Jonochrome is back with the finale of his popular puzzle series. In addition, he came out with a remake of the game that started it all: Return to Riddle School.

Riddle Transfer 2 picks up where Riddle Transfer left off, following Phil and friends as they race to escape back to their school. This Click Adventure series uses exploration, environment items, and situational riddles to lead players through puzzles to help Phil save the universe from Vizion.

Ready to pick up a years-old tale to find an end? Enroll in Riddle School on Newgrounds.

The remake of Riddle School can also be found on Newgrounds.

Published Nov. 27th 2016

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