Scourgebringer's Rouge-Like Action Slices Into Early Access, PC Game Pass Soon

The roguelike-platformer brings with it an infinite dungeon, massive hordes of equally massive enemies, and fast-paced, fluid action.

Flying Oak Games and Dear Villagers recently announced that their rogue-platformer game Scourgebringer is leaping its way onto Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass for PC on February 6.

Describes as part Celeste and part Dead Cells, ScourgeBringer follows a hero named Kyhra as she tries to uncover the secrets of an Eldritch monolith naturally set on destroying the world. Kyhra isn't completely alone on her journey, though, as she gets some assistance from her trusty combat drone.

She'll need it, too. The dungeons in ScourgeBringer are never the same twice (it's a rogue-like, after all). They're full of deadly enemies, massive bosses, and ghosts of the past, on top of devilish platforming challenges.

There's no backtracking in the game either. It's all about moving forward, and combat is all about attacking; Kyhra's skills are offensive-focused only. Yet it's the clues she uncovers from the past that will unlock the secrets of the present.

Suffice to say, there'll be plenty of content to sink your teeth into here. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more ScourgeBringer news as it develops.


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Published Apr. 22nd 2021

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