The 6 coolest weapons you can get your hands on in Terraria

What Terraria player doesn't want to murder in style?

Terraria has a ton of cool weapons. Seriously, check out the weapons page on the official wiki. There are a ton of cool ones on there, but some definitely stand out more than others in terms of visual effects.

Perhaps naturally, most of Terraria's coolest-looking weapons have to be obtained in hardmode. Several of the new endgame weapons brought about by the 1.2 and 1.3 patches have some really cool effects and if you're not a boss farming machine, you may miss them entirely.

Below are some of the coolest weapons you can find in Terraria 1.3. Your and my definitions of "cool" may be different, but I think we can all agree these are some definite improvements over the more dull weapon designs and effects seen pre-1.2.

Rainbow Crystal Staff

Ever wanted to summon a stationary floating crystal? Me neither, until I got my hands on the Rainbow Crystal Staff.

You can use the staff to summon one crystal minion for exactly one minute. It might not move, but its attacks are far-reaching and downright cool. It shoots sparkling laser beams out over a large range in a full rainbow spectrum. the image above doesn't really do its effects justice.

The Rainbow Crystal Staff has a low chance to be dropped by the Moon Lord boss.

North Pole

I've never been huge on spears in Terraria, but the North Pole is a definite exception. Not only does it look pretty neat, its attack is unique.

The North Pole is both a melee and ranged weapon. When you attack, an ice spear flies from the weapon itself and drops a damaging snowflake trail in its wake. The snowflakes fall and do a fair amount of damage on their own. A good .gif of this in action can be seen on the wiki.

Hits from the weapon itself, the snowflakes, and the ice spear that's thrown all do damage.

The North Pole can only be acquired by killing the Ice Queen during the Frost Moon. You can begin the Frost Moon event by crafting a Naughty Present.

Last Prism

This is another low chance Moon Lord drop, but it is definitely worth it.

The Last Prism shoots several rainbow-color light beams that do individual damage on their own, but slowly converge the longer you hold the attack button to form an ultra-bright beam. This thing also does massive damage and can potentially be the biggest damage weapon in the game when geared right.

There's not much more to say about this one except that it's pretty awesome all around.

Stardust Dragon Staff

I like dragons. Do you like dragons? Who doesn't like dragons? Who doesn't like dragons made of stars?

The Stardust Dragon Staff summons one of the best minions in the game: the Stardust Dragon. You can only have one out at a time, but if you are geared up in minion-boosting equipment, you can make the Stardust Dragon even longer. Each segment does damage when it touches an enemy.

The Stardust Dragon can also fly through obstacles and has a very long homing range. Plus, you know. It's a dragon.

You can craft the Stardust Dragon Staff using Stardust Fragments. These can be obtained from the Lunatic Cultist or by crafting them using Solar, Vortex, and Nebula Fragments.

Nebula Arcanum

This is definitely one of the coolest weapons in the game.

The Nebula Arcanum shoots a large particle orb that bounces and homes in on enemies, which it can hit three times before it explodes. It's very simple in function, but looks pretty amazing and does a good amount of damage.

You can craft the Nebula Arcanum using Nebula Fragments, which you can get from the Nebula Pillar buss during the Lunar Event.


Nyan Cat's more than a little played out, but the Meowmere sword is no joke. It does a ton of damage, is delightfully colorful, and is wonderfully irritating.

If you ever wanted to mow down your enemies while making your friends wish you were dead, this is the weapon to go for. You can shoot multiple cats at once and each of them will yowl as it bounces (and they will bounce). It's both great and awful all at once.

This is seriously the highest damage melee weapon in the game, but it's arguable whether it's worth it or not. The Meowmere has a low chance to drop from the Moon Lord boss.

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Published Jul. 10th 2015

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