Nintendo to host Night of Indie Games and Developers at EMP Museum

All for free! Games, developers and refreshments. Check out Nindies@Night over at Seattle.

We all know Nintendo's name for Indie developers on their game systems: "Nindies." Now, Nindies will be getting their own event the day before PAX Prime begins in Seattle.

This event is named [email protected] and will be hosted from 8PM to midnight on August 27. Admission is free and there will be a multitude of things to do there. There will be many playable games to check out, competitions, and giveaways along with refreshments. While there will be many games to check out, there will be presentations by developers to look forward to as well.

There will be around 19 playable games and developers will be lurking about for any questions you might have for them. Along with that, the multiplayer competition will be of select games and finals will take place at the EMP Sky Church with a TV Nintendo wanted fans to know is HUGE. A presentation will also be held at the Sky Church at 9PM.

For anyone who's going, [email protected] will be located at the EMP Museum at 325 5th Ave., Seattle.


Published Aug. 19th 2015

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