TIGA Publishes Brexit: Priorities for the Video Game Industry

TIGA has published "Brexit: Priorities for the Video Game Industry," a document with suggestions for the UK government in the wake of its departure from the EU.

The news of the United Kingdom's vote to exit the European Union (EU) shocked the world nearly a month ago. The referendum is likely to impact many industries, one of them being video gaming. As such, TIGA, the trade association which represents the gaming industry, has published a 20-page report entitled Brexit: Priorities for the Video Game Industry.

TIGA CEO Dr. Richard Wilson commented on the report:

“TIGA’s Report sets out a practical, pragmatic and positive agenda for ensuring the UK games sector is a leading player in an industry that is predicted to be worth almost $100 billion by 2018. If the UK creates a favourable tax environment with an enhanced Games Tax Relief and R&D Tax Credit, increases availability of finance and improves access to talent, then the UK video games industry has everything to play for.”

The report features several suggestions for the UK, including:

  • Reducing the rate of corporation tax to 17 percent in 2017
  • Introducing a Video Games Investment Fund to enable more studios to grow
  • Negotiating an EU-wide measure to exempt small businesses from European Union Added Value Tax (EU AVT) regulations

Those who desire a copy of the report can contact [email protected]. More information about TIGA is available at the organization's official website.


Published Jul. 22nd 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    TIGA is doing such an amazing job at being really professional about all of this. Really respect them for this. Good job TIGA!

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