Broken Age Act 2 Launches April 28, Double Fine Releases Development Documentary

Broken release of Complete Age - 'scuse - complete release of Broken Age in a month, plus a couple neat surprises!

[Warning: One or two minor spoilers ahead.]

It’s been three years since the Kickstarter for Broken Age, formerly known as Double Fine Adventure, launched.  Lead dev Tim Schafer says Double Fine was originally looking at six months of development time. This was odd, considering that a minimum two-to-three-year timeline has been the norm since, well, ever.  

At any rate, an astounding $3.4 million and 87,000 backers later, this divisive tale of crowdfunding is coming full circle with the release of Broken Age Act 2. Double Fine is also releasing their previously backers-only, behind-the-scenes documentary for free, piece by piece.  Hopefully it’ll clear the air on what extended Broken Age’s development time.

Act 2 picks up right where Act 1 left off (shockingly), with deuteragonists Shay and Vella exploring each other’s worlds; Shay in Vella’s, Vella in Shay’s.  Expect new characters and tougher puzzles!

The second half of Broken Age (Fixed Age?) comes out April 28th for all regions. Look for it on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Ouya (because hey, why not), and – surprise! – PlayStation 4 and PSVita.  If you already own Act 1, Act 2 will be a free download.  If not, you can buy the whole package for $24.99.

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Published Mar. 28th 2015

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