Super Mario Maker 2 Needs to Happen

Being the saving grace of Wii U, Super Mario Maker is begging for a sequel.

In the recent generation of video game consoles, the Wii U has struggled to keep up with the sales and output of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The lackluster fanfare for the console can be chalked up to the lack of a launch title, barely any third-party support and Nintendo's bad marketing.

While the Wii U has struggled, the one saving grace for the console has been Super Mario Maker. The game expands on the Super Mario universe by allowing players to create, play and share their own custom courses based on the elements and designs of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U. Throughout your time with the game, new editing tools unlock, thus allowing courses designed by other players to be downloaded and played.

This game has kept the Wii U from dying the expected death that everyone originally assumed. The excitement for the title has been building since its release with rumors of a sequel being in the works, but to many fans disappointment, it was just that -- a rumor

Even though the sequel rumor proved untrue, the fact that there was a rumor speaks high volumes of the fanbase's desire to have one made. Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS didn't exactly satiate their appetites, so one can only hope that Nintendo will prick up their ears and listen.

Internet Popularity Equals Sequel?

The key to Super Mario Maker's popularity is the Internet. Everyone from platformer streamers to Youtubers are fascinated by the creative freedom and endless gameplay it contains, alongside the tutorial video possibilities waiting for them. The game also seems to have formed an online community that speaks a specific language -- the language of Super Mario. Watching players get frustrated by the level of difficulty in the fan-created courses can be quite hilarious and the obsession has got to the point where there is an entire page dedicated to Super Mario Maker on Youtube Gaming.

But videos are just the beginning as many forums, blogs, social media pages and websites dedicated to the game have popped up in the two years since the game's release, as well as more nuanced sites devoted to downloading and mastering various courses. The rise of this online community justify the overall need and viability of a Super Mario Maker sequel.

Why This Sequel Must Happen

All the loyalty and admiration for the game is hitting palpable levels. Sadly, though, the one thing bringing Super Mario Maker to an unwanted grave is the Wii U itself. The lackluster performance of the console doesn't support the community the title has built, so the only solution is to create a sequel for the Nintendo Switch. As mentioned before, the anticipation for a sequel eventually petered out, but there's still a chance to make a follow-up happen.

If the Super Mario Maker community isn't enough, Nintendo should really think about its bottom line. As it sold over 3 million copies on its only platform, it could have easily sold even more if not for this hindrance. Just imagine the sales damage Super Mario Maker 2 could achieve if it was put into production and released on the Nintendo Switch within the next year or so. 

The hybrid nature of the Switch also meshes extremely well with the creativity and endless gameplay associated with Super Mario Maker. With the functionality of the Joy-Con at its fingertips, that creativity could be multiplied. This is surely a great incentive to get a sequel in the works for Nintendo's latest system.

What Improvements Could Be Made?

With the reasons for the sequel established, now is the time to talk about what works and what needs improvement. Every game has its strengths and weaknesses, and Super Mario Maker is no exception.

First, the strengths. A definite keeper is the course editor. This is the true selling point of the game as players can create and play something of their own design. Another advantage is the rich online database of user-made content. The ability to hop in and play through a player-created course is something that really helps to strengthen the appeal of the Super Mario world as a whole. The mixing and matching of game elements across the series is another factor that has also skyrocketed its popularity. Giving players iconic items and settings to tinker with is something that is appealing to just about everyone.

With that in mind, one can't discuss strengths without touching on weaknesses. Super Mario World's checkpoint system was sorely missed in Super Mario Maker. Without checkpoints during gameplay, players have to constantly start afresh whenever they meet their demise. A follow-up would do well to incorporate this mechanic into the core gameplay. Another gameplay related quip is the lack of vertical and horizontal movements. Even as a side-scrolling game, Super Mario Maker lacks fluidity and proper mechanics while jumping and sliding across the courses. Adding in these features would provide an extra ounce of style in a potential sequel.

With the Nintendo Switch still relatively fresh in the market, Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that must happen sooner rather than later. Being able to play the new and improved version would be a thrill with the console's functionality, user-friendly gameplay and unique controls. Hopefully, fans can start spreading the word and make this dream a reality.

Have you played Super Mario Maker? What are your thoughts on a sequel? Let us know in the comments!

Published Jun. 29th 2017

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