The 5 Best Mobile Games of 2017 So Far

Fire Emblem Heroes

Android and iOS

Nintendo's  most recent mobile spin-off game is based on one of their currently most popular franchises. In Fire Emblem Heroes, players can make a team of up to four different characters to fight against enemies in  the single player mode or to battle other players in PVP mode.

 The in-game currency in Fire Emblem Heroes can be spent to obtain new characters, be used to fully heal and revive all of the player's units, or to give an experience boost or gain stamina.

Fire Emblem Heroes also introduces three brand new characters available as soon as players begin the game, with plenty of other characters available to unlock.  A handful of other characters have been added since release as well, and even more may be on the way in the near future.

With more main series Fire Emblem games on the way, Fire Emblem Heroes is sure to see plenty more updates in the future.

Get it on Google Play or the App Store.

Published Apr. 19th 2017

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