The 5 Best Mobile Games of 2017 So Far

Pokémon GO (Updated)

Android and iOS

Pokémon GO may have released last year, but it just had a big update this year with some new features.

Other than a few tweaks to the games already present system, such as improving how hatching eggs work and balancing how difficult certain Pokémon are to catch, the most important new feature, is that now Pocket Monsters introduced in the second generation of games (Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions), are now available to find and capture.

Pokémon GO may have seemed like a short fad, but the monster catching mobile game is still being written about often and plenty of people are continuing their Pokémon catching adventures. According to Forbes, as of April 5th, Pokémon GO  has about 65 million monthly active players.

Even though players may not be as active as they are in other games, it's still impressive how many people keep coming back to catch Pokémon.

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Published Apr. 19th 2017

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