8 Best Gaming Desks for PC Gamers in 2017

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If you're a gamer, you're no stranger to spending hundreds of dollars on a great gaming mouse, a fancy gaming chair, a nice pair of headphones, and fantastic mechanical gaming keyboard.

However, something you might not often consider is the most obvious and important piece of equipment of all: your gaming desk. Your desk can make or break your gaming experience. A desk too low or too high, too uncomfortable or too tilted can really be the difference between being in the top 1% or the top 10% in whatever game it is that you play.

Both comfort and features are incredibly important when it comes to picking the right computer gaming desk, and that's why we're here to bring you eight of the best desks out there for PC gamers, from cheap budget desks to the highest of the high end.

Published Nov. 12th 2017

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