Super Mario Maker 2 Gets Course Cap Increase, Hits Major Milestone

Super Mario Maker 2 now has an unbelievable number of playable courses on its servers, and makers just got an increase on how many they can upload.

Super Mario Maker 2's course upload cap just got a meaty increase, growing from 64 up to 100. The change comes as Nintendo celebrates SMM2 hitting a major milestone: there have been more than 10 million playable courses uploaded since the game launched last year.

That's an incredible number of courses, and even though we could try to figure out how long it would take to play them all, we aren't going to. It's just a lot. 

Relatively speaking, that number is not surprising either. Not only does Super Mario Maker 2 include a vast number of additional course-making tools over the original game, but it also recently added a Legend of Zelda makeover. That's not to mention SMM2 basically does almost everything better than the first Super Mario Maker.

There are a ton of ways to go about making your dream course, whether it's the trash trial from hell or a carefully designed platforming masterpiece.

Of course, not all courses are created equal. That's why we have some ideas of the best Super Mario Maker 2 courses you should try and some handy tips for how you can try and get your own courses seen more.

Super Mario Maker 2 isn't going anywhere soon, and we'll likely see more updates, content, and tweaks as the year goes on. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Super Mario Maker 2 news as it builds up.


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Published Jan. 7th 2020

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