Dragon's Crown Gets North American Site, Possible Release Date

All I can say is thank goodness they didn't stop development.

Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown looks absolutely gorgeous, as to be expected from the developers of Odin Sphere and Muramasa. Even better than the visuals are the game's roots in Dungeons and Dragons-based co-op beat'em ups, which are always great fun.

The official North American Dragon's Crown site has gone live, which means the game is without a doubt making its way over here -- and it may not be too far down the line.

Amazon and GameStop both list the title as releasing on August 6th. The Japanese version will be released on July 25. The gap between the two is surprisingly short, considering Atlus is handling publishing in both territories. Look for more on this stunning PlayStation 3 and PS Vita title soon.

Here's a question:

Why are Dragon's Crown's busty Sorceress and Amazon not shown on the North American site aside from two small head shots? Making your way to the Characters section of the site leads to all six characters, but the two particularly fanservice-y classes are under wraps for the NA audience. Let's hope they don't see some design changes as a part of the "localization" process.

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Published Apr. 5th 2013

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