Go All Out with Persona 5 Scramble's Opening Video, 2-Hour Livestream

Reunite with old friends, and check out that oh-so-stylish Persona 5 Scramble opening video.

Atlus capped off a week of new Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers reveals with a 2-hour livestream of the game's opening segments. The developer also unveiled P5S' opening video, which you can see above.

The opening video shows off the Phantom Thieves in their new attire, since the game takes place six months after Persona 5. It also heavily emphasizes the game's theme of traveling to different places and shows how central a role the group's phones will play — which makes since as that's where the newest protagonist Sophia lives. Yeah, it's a thing.

Equally as important, the P5S opening video gives us a glimpse at a second new Phantom Thief, a pistol-wielding person who's more than likely the government agent Zenkichi Hasegawa we also saw in the new trailer last week.

Finally, it features a brand-new opening song, with lyrics by Lotus Juice — responsible for much of Persona 3's and Persona Q's soundtrack, among other things — and vocals by Persona 5's Lyn.

Then we have the livestream. Non-Japanese speakers won't get quite so much out of this, since like any Persona game, the opening hours are heavily text-based. However, it shows off a lot of new and old.

The old includes Cafe Leblanc, where Joker reunites with the Phantom Thieves once more, and the nearby areas of Shibuya. There's a lot of talking and exploration like in Persona 5, but no Confidant events — yet.

New things include Shibuya's Jail, run by a dominatrix-themed adult Alice in Wonderland because why not... we guess. Anyhow, it seems that, like with Palaces, the Phantom Thieves can go back and forth between Jails and the regular world at will, and it's also looking like some kind of Persona 4-like investigation is involved in uncovering the secrets of each Jail.

We'll likely know even more soon, as Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers launches February 20 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. We still don't know when it will launch in the West, though. We'll just have to content ourselves with Persona 5: Royal for the time being.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 5 Scramble news as it breaks.


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Published Jan. 13th 2020

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