GSWW 1.2 Is Being Extended! Let's Write About Kickstarters!

Because of the holidays, we're extending GSWW 1.2 through the end of this week!

Hey gamers! 

Because of the holidays, we've extended the Writing Workshop challenge through the end of this week. If you haven't seen the challenge yet, read it here

This challenge focuses on Kickstarter projects. As the winter holidays roll around, people may find themselves feeling a little generous. Your mission is to get them interested in some cool Kickstarter campaigns that they might want to donate to.

In last Sunday's stream, which you can watch here, I announced this extension and went over a couple pointers for writing your Kickstarter articles. Check it out, then head on over to the challenge article to get started. 

This means that GSWW 1.2 will be live until Sunday, December 7. The full workshop for this challenge will begin on December 7 at 9 pm EST. 

If you missed our previous workshop streams, click here to check them out. You'll be building on some of the skills from our first challenge to complete this one. 

Happy writing!

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Published Dec. 2nd 2014

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