New Democracy 3 DLC, Electioneering, Announced

You've proven that you can run a country, now try and get yourself elected for another term.

Today the creators of Democracy 3, Positech Games, announced a new DLC heading our way. It is called Electioneering and will be about running your own elections. The new content takes a deeper look at the way the voting works in Democracy 3 and lets you run your election campaigns using a load of new and exciting tools.

Speaking on the company's blog, CEO and game designer Cliff Harris expressed the difficulties in creating an election system for Democracy 3 given that there are lots of different countries in the game, each having their own electoral processes.

"I decided to take a few key areas of the election process, the ones that seemed universal, and model those, whilst letting the actual ‘mechanics’ of how an election is fought to remain abstract."

The key elements of Electioneering will include arranging and running fundraising activities, making addresses and speeches, setting out what it is that you intend to do if you are elected in manifestos and what perceptions you give the voters.

There is no confirmed date for the release of the DLC, but Positech estimates that it will be available late July 2016 and will be for PC and OS X. There is already a page on Steam for anyone wishing to add the DLC to their wishlist.


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Published Jun. 7th 2016

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