Super Mario Odyssey Reveal Trailer

A new Mario game is coming! Watch the trailer and more.

During the Nintendo Switch Presentation, a new Super Mario game was announced. Named Super Mario Odyssey it will be the latest Mario game. The game will be in 3D and appears to be an open world game, a little like Super Mario Sunshine. The game seems as if it will be in a human world.

Upon viewing the trailer it reminded me a lot of the old Super Mario Galaxy games, and it seems as if the graphics are great.

As you watch the trailer it will show other humans in a city which looks almost identical to Chicago or New York. We are also shown Mario flying from planet to planet in a ship; similar to the Super Mario Galaxy games, we will be able to travel around the galaxy completing challenges in hopes to defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach.

The game is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch, but the release date is not announced yet.


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Published Jan. 12th 2017

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