Bear Simulator Kickstarter Already Funded

Hope you're ready to explore the world as a big bad bear!

What's next? Squirrel Simulator?

The Kickstarter campaign for developer John Farjay's Bear Simulator has proven successful, easily surpassing the $29,500 goal. There are still 24 days to go and the project has already earned $38,878 thanks to 1,398 backers. The game is described as "a mini Skyrim but you're a bear."

This follows hot on the heels of Goat Simulator, so I'm guessing we'll start seeing a series of animal-themed "Simulator" titles  very soon. In Bear Simulator, you control a bear in first-person view; the trailer you see here features "bipedal mode," but the final build of the game will have you walking around on all four legs (you'll only rise up on two legs to look around).

There's a melee combat system that lets you attack other animals, as well as an "open, multi-environment game world." Farjay is also considering unlockable bear abilities, animal friends, and ways to customize your bear.

The game is expected to launch this fall for PC via Steam. Farjay does intend to release the title on Steam Greenlight but if that doesn't pan out, he'll consider the Humble Store or GoG.

Said Farjay:

"Sure it may seem like a 'dumb idea' or a 'really dumb idea' but you can't honestly tell me you've never secretly wanted to be a bear wandering around the forest. That's just an outright lie."

Well... okay.

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Published Mar. 24th 2014
  • Death Metal Hero
    There needs to be a Mike Dicta (sp?) reference in that game. Just a random human who shouts "DA BEARS!" lol
  • Kate Reynolds
    Senior Intern
    This is something I am totally into. Maybe it's not normal, but I would love to be able to play as animals in games instead of humans. It just adds such a different dimension
  • DemonicSkies
    THIS IS SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. Sorry for the capsing. My brain momentarily puddled. I WOULD BUY THIS.
  • Andrei Manolache
    O M G! I love to be a super fluffy levitating bear! When this comes out I will "nom nom nom" all pesky humans around me :D

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