Splatoon Update in August; Matchmaking Mode and New Gear

Nintendo is planning an August update on Splatoon, featuring two new weapons, two new matchmaking modes, 40 new gear accessories, and much more.

A large Splatoon update is hitting next month, and bringing along a bunch of new features including weapon types, matchmaking modes, and new gear.

Specific Updates

Nintendo announced that during August 5th, North America will be featuring this major Splatoon update; while Europe and Australia will update on August 6th.

A few major features that will be upgraded include:

  • two new matchmaking modes; Squad Battle and Private Battle
  • two new weapon types; Slosher and Splatling
  • increase in level cap from 20 to 50
  • addition of rank S and S+
  • 40 new pieces of gear and accessories; sush-chef costume and leather jacket

Matchmaking Mode and Weapons

Nintendo gave a closer look into the new matchmaking modes and weapons that will be added to Splatoon. The two new matchmaking modes are called Squad Battle and Private Battle. Squad Battle includes ranked battles alongside fellow players, split up into teams of two to four inklings. The Private Battle is completely customizable with up to eight players, where you can split players up into different sized groups.

Splatoon's new weapons are called Slosher and Splatling, where Slosher is a bucket-like weapon, and Splating is a six-barrelled minigun.

Since Splatoon is a game that will be based on DLCs and updates to keep it fresh, Nintendo is rumored to add more content, specifically a battle mode called Rainmaker Ranked, more maps, and of course new weapons. Only time will tell on how the gaming community perceives these Splatoon updates.

What would you like to see added in Splatoon?

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Published Jul. 27th 2015

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