No Time To Explain: pre-order it now on Xbox One

Pre-order No Time To Explain ahead of its release date of July 17th for $14.99 on Xbox One.

No time to explain a video-game? Well, just name your game No Time To Explain and nothing will need to be explained, unless you're trying to get your game published on Xbox One.

Oh wait, someone already did that.

From humble beginnings as a flash game on the interwebs, to a smashingly successful Kickstarter, and then a glorious acceptance on SteamNo Time To Explain has finally made the big jump onto console, going through remake hell to come out all shiny for a July 17th release on Xbox One.

 The first game from independent game developer and publisher, tinyBuild GAMESNo Time To Explain is a comedy platformer where you have to chase your future self through alternate realities filled with giant monsters, fancy hats, and lots and lots of cake.

In addition to the original features such as the powerful gun/jetpack Future Cannon, different playable characters, and a built-in Level Editor, the remake includes controller support, full resolution artwork, an all-new soundtrack, and up to four-player multiplayer for the whole campaign.

All the new features will be available to existing and future players on Steam through a free update, while Xbox One players, on the other hand, can pre-order it now for $14.99. Why does it matter, you say?

No Time To Explain.


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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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