Minecraft map that does in-game tutorials

A new type of Minecraft map has been developed that features tutorials on how to play the game.

Throughout the many years of development that Mojang has put into Minecraft, it's all starting to pay off with in-game tutorials through specialty maps.

It can be difficult for new players to find their niche and understand the many aspects of Minecraft, but Mojang employer Marc Watson and Minecraft builder Dragnoz have teamed up to develop a map dedicated to in-game tutorials.

Features of this new type of map

Maps featuring in-game tutorials are new to the Minecraft world, and the 1.8.8 Resource pack-driven building tutorial demo not only shows step by step demonstrations but also offers a voice over from Marc Watson himself. The voice over is provided through the resource pack available and brings the tutorial to life.

Minecraft players might find this tutorial a bit remedial with the subject on how to build a house, but it's only the stepping stone with how genius the in-game tutorials can get. With more creativity, patience, and skill, the in-game map tutorials could become more advanced to involve plug-ins and specially made for servers that are more complicated.

What do you think of the new in-game Minecraft map tutorial? What kind of tutorials would you prefer to see? Could it help Minecraft become an easier game? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Oct. 27th 2017

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