7 Best Loot Locations in Apex Legends

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Currently, there is only one map available in Apex Legends - the Kings Canyon. It has plenty of locations with different purposes, such as slums, plants, military facilities, etc.

Every location can be used in many exciting ways when it comes to combat tactics. But not all of them offer equally great opportunities in terms of loot, and all Apex Legends players know how important it is to get the best possible gear and weapons at the very beginning of the match-up.

That is why we present you with seven best locations in Apex Legends that have the top-tier loot ready to be claimed.


The general rule of Apex Legends is that looting starts from the edges of the map, and as soon as players are ready to use their weapons, the combat shifts slowly but steadily to the central locations.

That is why Swamps is one of the best loot spots in the game, as it has some of the highest tier loot in the game. It is located in the most eastern part of the map, and it is a relatively unpopular location that makes it safe to land at.

This would be a perfect location for Pathfinder, as his Zipline ability will allow him to quickly move around the buildings collecting all the loot before everyone else.

Water Treatment

The most southern shore of Kings Canyon hosts a massive Water Treatment facility that is actually very similar to Swamps in terms of playstyle. Ziplining works here just as well, and if you like to loot in relatively empty locations, then this one is just perfect.

Many players don't land here in anticipation of finding good items, but actually Water Treatment always produces high tier loot and it's aplenty here.

Besides your typical loot that you will find on the ground, there is at least a dozen supply crates around the area. So this location should definitely be on your list.



Here is probably one of the most peaceful areas in the game, which has never been a go-to spot for many players. Well, too bad for them, as Relay has some incredible gear lying around.

It is located on the very edge of the map and that is why it's almost always empty, just like Swamps and Water Treatment. Use this to your advantage and loot the heck out of this place.


This area has a lot of buildings, and that is why many players tend to land and gather high-tier loot. Although, landing in a hot spot wouldn't be too smart, there is one huge advantage in Repulsor that sets it apart from other locations - it has an underground tunnel.

Just as above the ground, you can collect top-tier items under the floor, and in case you need to quickly live the area, you can use this underground system, which is connected to the Hydro Dam located just a bit to the north of Repulsor.



Artillery is very similar in design to Repulsor, which also has its own tunnel under the ground. But there's fewer buildings and it's far hotter than Repulsor. That is why Artillery is rated slightly lower, but it still has some amazing loot to offer, so just keep looking as soon as you land here.

If the idea of landing in the middle of the hottest zone on the map seems too extreme for you, then you can opt to land in the southern area outside the Artillery, where you will find a decent number of supply crates.


Compact locations aren't always good places to land at, since these types of locations always serve as the hot spots for early shootouts. Bunker is exactly this type of a place, and it is located in the middle of the map. But it also has some of the finest loot in Apex Legends, so consider checking it out.

If you are not sure how to approach the building, then take into account that it has two entrances: an eastern gate and a western gate. Usually, players move from Airbase from west, which means that eastern entrance will be empty.

You can use this opportunity and collect some legendary weapons and gear early in the game.



Lastly, Airbase can be just as exciting as Bunker in terms of loot, but in this regard you should focus on Ships docked at the base. Usually, you will find the best loot there.

It's a pretty isolated location, which means that there are no easy escape routes from here, so if you decide to loot this place, come with an escape plan beforehand in case you get into trouble.


Feel free to add your own ideas about the best loot locations in the game, and be sure to check other Apex Legends guides here at GameSkinny:

Published Feb. 14th 2019


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