Fallout 4's install size on Xbox One isn't worth fretting over

Microsoft has leaked information regarding the install size of Fallout 4 on the Xbox One.

Microsoft is behind a small leak of information regarding the install size of Fallout 4 on the Xbox One; Bethesda hasn't confirmed or denied any of the details rumored.

In the past decade, gamers were thrown into a world of digitally downloading and buying video games, so difficult decisions have had to be made on what to keep and delete. With next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, their 500 GB hard drives are very generous on space, but games that take nearly 50 GB add up over time weighing heavily on the decision.

Fallout 4's Rumored Xbox One Size

We've all come accustomed to the common knowledge that video games are going to be big on GB size, and Bethesda's Fallout 4 stands true to that statement. According to Microsoft's Xbox.com product detail page, they've said that Fallout 4 is 28.12 GB in size. 

When comparing Bethesda's Fallout 3 to Fallout 4 on installation size, Fallout 3 released on March 2nd 2010 on the Xbox 360 and took only 5.48 GB. With only 5 years in the future on a next-gen console, Fallout 4 is quadruple the size of Fallout 3.

What could take up nearly 30 GB of space?

One thing to keep in mind is that Fallout 4 is an open-world game set in an apocalyptic Commonwealth. With a gigantic map embodying the game along with the missions, audio files, frame rate increasement, and next-gen design, it's understandable that Fallout 4 would take nearly 30 GB of space on a console that can support it. 

That being said, there is no assurance that Bethesda has put in any noteworthy improvements into Fallout 4 other than the fact it's a new game on a new console. 

What do you think of Fallout 4's installation size? Could this be a promising size for a game full of adventure and special features? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Sep. 29th 2015
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    To me this size just makes perfect sense.
    It's bigger than Skyrim and Fallout 3. Which both games were about 8GB each.
    It's also bigger than that and the DLCs. Which together is about 8GB.
    8 by 3 is 24GB. Then if you take into account all the added items, and higher fidelity graphics then another 4GB on that makes sense.
    I bet if any other game, that is the size of Fallout 4 would be, far larger. GTA IV with the DLC was 30GB, GTA V is about 40GB. BethSoft are very good at making large world, but also make them rather small in comparison.

    Not sure what my point with that is, but I think it's simply don't judge the size of a game based on it's file size. Even if it looks large, it can actually be rather small in comparison.

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