Kingdom Hearts 3 Information to be shown at D23 This Weekend

This weekend is Disney's D23 Expo and new information on Kingdom Hearts 3 will be revealed.

During the Square Enix press conference, a new gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown. The Kingdom Hearts fan-base was awe-struck at the new footage and information that went along with it. What has everyone just as excited is the promise of new information at Disney's D23 Expo which start this Friday. 

D23 is a short expo spanning only 3 days but it packs a ton of information in that short span of time. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be shown during the Disney Interactive panel along with Disney's other games such as Disney Infinity and Star Wars Battlefront. The panel starts at 11am on Sunday August 16th. The Kingdom Hearts community has speculated that a new trailer will showcase more confirmed worlds such as Frozen, Marvel and even Star Wars. 

Hopefully it is not a behind closed doors reveal as this will highly upset the fan-base to no end. Fingers-crossed on more gameplay and more importantly the release date for the highly awaited Kingdom Hearts 3

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Published Jun. 12th 2020

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