The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival is out tomorrow

A re-release of the 2013 title. The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition improves where the original failed and adds some new elements.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight makes its PS4 debut tomorrow (March 1). The game, which follows the Swamp Witch Metallia on a quest to spread her swamp across the fantasy world of Medea, was released in 2013 to mixed reviews. The upcoming Revival Edition improves the original game's faults, adding new content and improving the graphics.

Metallia summons the legendary Hundred Knight to help her defeat the forest witch Malia. Malia and her magic pillars have kept the swamp bound for over one hundred years. The Hundred Knight's ability to release pillars turns the battle in Metallia's favor. The story takes several turns while Metallia spreads her swamp and proves that she is a true witch. Revival Edition improves the gameplay of this exciting title.

The biggest addition to Revival Edition allows players to play as Metallia the Swamp Witch. Just because she is the Swamp Witch does not mean Metallia is confined to swamp magic. Magical Vortexes, Lightning and conjuring giant weapons are some of the ways Mettalia defeats her enemies.

 A new challenge level was also added. The Tower of Illusion is a great way to test your skill and earn powerful loot. To enter the tower you'll have to sacrifice a weapon. The stronger the sacrifice is the greater your opponents will be. You'll probably want to equip something stronger than what you sacrificed

The original Witch and the Hundred Knight had several technical problems. The most prominent was a game breaking bug that was common and destroyed all unsaved progress. All this has been taken into consideration for the Revival Edition.

The Witch and The Hundred Knight: Revival Edition will release on Tuesday March 2. 


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Published Feb. 29th 2016

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